What I See

Hey hey… How are you? Hope you are keeping cool this summer. It’s been amazing so far with the beautiful weather and i hope it continues longer fingers crossed lol.

Have you ever tried to make sense of the things happening around you? As human, we are like a sponge and we absorb the things like our environments, people, energy, chaos, beauty etc. What we do with it afterwards is all that matters. And this was the beginning of the “Birth” of my collection
Titled: ‘What I See’

I first got the idea of create this collection purely out of “feelings” a feeling of what my emotions was at the time, what my emotions was trying to communicate to me couple with what was happening around me. Sometimes it comes with a smile, sometimes beauty, sometimes chaos, a chaos that is over clouding us all, a chaos that is created by us, in that we all try to find peace and serenity.

In the moment of serenity, I began to pay attention to the things that we simply overlook most of the times that actually makes us smile. Little things like People, Nature, Community and Communication, Hugs and Togetherness, Love and Comfort etc.

I thought back on how I can incorporate these feelings, this emotions that i am experiencing to this collection. I began to research and experimenting by going outside more, smelling and embracing the nature and the natural gifts of this planet to us, I did a lot of people watching as well lol… as visual person that i am, i also remember binge watching the series Bridgerton 1 and 2 on Netflix at the time, and fell in love with the Empire Waistline Dresses most of the female characters were wearing and also enjoyed the comfort of it all. Looking forward to the third season already, just saying.

Anyways, enough of Bridgerton and back to my story.
The flowers and nature inspired the floral print, which is the centre piece of this collection. If i am not mistaken, i think at the time we were preparing for Spring Season or had just gotten into the Spring Season. Also, My Community, The people, Togetherness and Communication inspired the Patchwork, Texture and the Mix of Fabric in ‘What I See’ Collection. The gathered details and volume was inspired by the Hugs, comfort that we need in todays world, and the love and togetherness the world needs today. In someways, you could say that this collection is a bit political, drawing attention to focus on the things that matters which is Serenity and Simplicity.

“Maybe am reaching or just a wishful thinking on Serenity and Simplicity within us, but hey! It all part of my story telling.” lol…