It’s that time of the year again that puts people in a happy mood ‘the sunshine season’ being woken up by the bright shining light outside from your window, the birds chirping and singing, although kids not wanting to go to school as they feel that they will be missing a lot in the day by not going to the park for a picnic or hanging with their friends all day long. It is also a season for the holiday goers, sitting in beach with your Pina colada or your drink of choice, wearing sunscreen, two-piece bikini, voluminous hat, and sunglasses watching the day go by. Oh my! What a spectacular imagination, I can't wait.

Here comes the B Bloom Collection SS23. As every single one of my previous collections, I let my imagination run wild by connecting me through the simple simplicity of life. I seek inspiration through the little things that we as human tends to overlook or forgotten due to our busy schedules and chaos of life. For instance, when was the last time you stopped and smelt the roses other than the daily bulls**t of life? When was the last time you took the time off and walk in the park or your backyard and luckily or accidentally noticed an innocent ‘Beautiful Butterfly’ and admired it for just a second? That’s life, isn’t it? A very common statement to make these days.

Well, let this collection change your perspective about that statement “that’s life, isn’t it.” As the collection is titled: B Bloom which in full is, Butterfly Bloom or Beautiful Bloom depending on your imagination. I enjoyed every bit of my journey in creating this beautiful collection for you from the concept of serenity to the innovative and contemporary cuts and craftsmanship put into it, look through nature and arts, the Ejay Griffin signature of combining the finest of the Irish tweed and plaid wool with other contemporary materials, sourcing and creating every piece with my local community. It was a journey worth sharing with you. Trust me when I say that the energy that was put into creating this collection will not only make you feel that you are investing in one of a kind timeless piece, but it will also make you feel the confidence, superb enrichment and above all happiness for you to be a part of this journey. Take the time out to stop or pause and acknowledge the beautiful things going on in your everyday surroundings while it lasts.

Signing off beauties… xoxo