Every season before I launch my collection, I try as much as possible to disconnect my mind from getting distracted, staying focused and just let my imagination run wild. I draw my inspiration from anything, with no limitations, I then refine it and create something that people will appreciate, love and accept. With the best possible sustainable materials mostly sourced locally, designed and produced in Ireland.   


This collection is no exception. I first launched this collection for Brown Thomas CREATE 2023, which was a great success, and I am grateful for the opportunities that it came with and thankful for being a part of it. I decided to add a few more special pieces to relaunch the collection with you all here.   


Every look in this collection is specially and innovativily created with the best Irish tweed, with my signature patchwork of pattern and texture mix. Some of the pieces were created with recycled and upcycled materials, and some pieces were designed with the intention of multi-use by being versatile. The title of this collection is called ‘The Journey’. The possibility is endless, and the journey is continuous.